Is the employee time tracking wrong?

When people hear about time tracking of employees’ activities they mostly have bad associations. First thing that comes to mind is spying, monitoring, lack of trust in company. But it’s a basic mistake, because time tracking was invented for totally different purposes.

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Employee time tracking is for their own good

Some people are naturally born lazy. It’s not their fault – they simply like to do things in most easy, straight way. And there’s no always good idea to do thing this way. So, how to make them to work as hard as the rest of the team? Yelling? Threating? None of these things. You, as a boss or project mananger should show them how precious their worktime is and what they can achieve using it for 100%.

How to do it?

By showing them their reports from employee time tracking software database. The principle of operation of this tool is simple: tim tracker records time that user spend on tasks and display it in the form of report.

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Therefore you can see how much time each team member devoted to certain part of project. If you see someone does much less than others you can inform him about this fact – or even he can check this himself.

Why time tracking instead of reprimand?

Because people simply don’t realize how much time do they loose during breaks and unproductive activities. And when they see it, and the rest of team could see it too and compare everyone’s engagement in work, people will try harder themselves, they will seek to be equally effcient as others.

That’s how the machine works. So if you are a votary of reprimand, better think about how easier will be your life and relation with team members when you implement time tracking software in your firm.

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