The concerns connected with fast technological changes and how to mitigate them

Nowadays people tend to live in a world full of various appliances. The solutions that are really impressive are being created in front of our eyes.

Autor: Cajsa Lilliehook
Some contraptions become very fashionable – there are cases that almost everyone wills to own some given gadget.

It is not easy to picture the way all those things of everyday use are assembled – which solution is used where. Nowadays the elaborate products like engines are put together from components to the final shape in only several hours. Automation is a crucial point. Due to it, manufacturing can be finalized with great speed and more economical. Sometimes people wonder about the way it is translated into quality. Most manufacturers care about it and they perform minute quality ( approvals on various stages. For some machines, for instance medical appliances, the high quality is a most important requirement which determines if the product will be approved for usage or not. Nevertheless, the surplus of the products and the fact that we reside in a consumption society cause generation of a lot of waste. The over-usage of plastic bags, wrappings and other packagings is a cause of the pollution of nature. The awareness of this can mitigate it and persuade the society to initiatives like recycling or purchasing more ecological products.
Luckily, people gradually learn more about the risks for our world.

This gives a hope that our planet is not so endangered. The technical evolution is a fact that will not be prevented, but it should be carried out with the compliance of particular rules.
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